10 beautiful Korean words and their meaning

​Beauty of Korean words

The popularity of K-pop and K-dramas has invoked the interest of a lot of people. Here we have compiled a list of some beautiful Korean words that will add to your vocabulary so that the next time you watch these shows or hear Korean songs, you know what they mean.


​Ma-eum– Heart

While it simply means “heart,” the word ‘Ma-eum’ in Korean is often used to express one’s feelings and emotions, signifying the emotional depth associated with the heart.


​Haet-sal– Sunlight

The warmth and comfort that sunlight brings are beautifully captured in this word.


​Annyeong– Greeting

This is a common greeting meaning “hello” or “goodbye,” the beauty lies in its simplicity, signifying the wish for peace and well-being in one’s encounters.


​Na-rae– Wings

It can be interpreted to mean “my wings” or “wings of mine.” This can symbolize freedom, growth, or the ability to soar.


​Yeong-won– Eternity

This is a beautiful word. It represents the concepts of timelessness and everlasting love or beauty.


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​U-jeong– Friendship

This word encapsulates the deep bond and affection between friends.


​Bada– Sea

This Korean word translates to “sea” or “ocean” in English. It refers to large marine bodies.


​Pum-gyeok– Classy

It signifies “dignity” or “style.” It reflects the sense of elegance and grace in one’s character or actions.


​Bi– Rain

It refers to the meteorological phenomenon of water falling from the sky in liquid form, typically during a rainstorm or shower.


​Aegyo– Adorable

It refers to a cute and charming behavior or mannerism, often displayed with the intention of appearing adorable. It can involve playful gestures, facial expressions, or speaking in a sweet and childlike tone.


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