10 times Princess Diana broke rules of fashion

Aug 31, 2023

Ankita Shukla

The breaker of rules

Princess Diana, renowned for her elegance and grace, also made her mark in the fashion world by breaking traditional royal norms. Her daring choices and unique style choices contributed to her status as a fashion icon. Here are ten instances where Princess Diana broke royal fashion rules:


​Casual Sportswear

She embraced casual sportswear, such as sweatshirts, baseball caps, and bike shorts, allowing her to present a more relatable and approachable image.


​Tiaras with Casual Attire

She occasionally paired tiaras with more casual ensembles, juxtaposing formal jewelry with less formal clothing.


​Monotone Outfits

She frequently sported monochrome outfits, challenging the norm of mixing various colors and showcasing her sophisticated fashion sense.


​Casual Denim

Princess Diana was often seen wearing denim, whether it was jeans or denim jackets, embracing a relaxed yet stylish approach.


Bold Nail Paints

Most royal women usually flaunt neutral nail paints, but Diana broke this rule by sporting bold nail shades.


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​Bold Prints and Patterns

She wasn’t afraid to experiment with bold prints and patterns, like polka dots, checks, stripes, and florals, adding vibrancy to her wardrobe.


​Short Hemlines

Diana often wore dresses with hemlines slightly above the knee, which was unconventional for royal women at the time, challenging the notion of strict formality.


​Off-the-Shoulder Styles

Diana occasionally donned off-the-shoulder dresses, revealing her shoulders, which was considered unconventional for royal attire.



Diana elegantly wore pantsuits, departing from the traditional dresses and skirts that were expected of royal women.

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