​5 memorizing tricks used by exam toppers

01/6​The key to good learning, lies in memorizing tricks​

Parents often push their children to perform better than others. The marks obtained by the topper of the class are the parameter against which every parent wants their kid to follow. In this rat race, both parents and kids forget the ethics of the learning process which is remembering the subjects and the teachings forever. Memorization is an integral part of education, which is often neglected. Parents are so busy pushing their kids to ace an exam and kids are so pressurized to bag the first rank in the class that they forget how to read properly so that they don’t have to overburden themselves. Here are five amazing memorizing tricks that can help your kid learn better and in a smarter way.


02/6​Early morning hours have immense energy​

When you wake up in the morning you have a clear mind and are ready to learn everything. Learning first thing in the morning has been an age old practice. During ancient times, when Gurukul existed, disciples used to woke up very early in the morning. The learning process used to begin during dawn time and before that the disciples used to complete their morning chores. Putting this age old method into practice can work effectively for modern kids as well. No matter, how much things have advanced, the teaching-learning process stills remains the same.


03/6​Write everything​

The tips of the fingers are believed to activate the memory learning of the brain. Not just this, scientific works have also proved the power of writing in memory. A 2021 study by Japanese researchers have found that writing on physical paper can lead to more brain activity when remembering the information an hour later. The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.


04/6​Repetition pattern​

A central key to understanding and learning better is repetition. Write and repeat writing things that you learn. Writing down something repeatedly helps you remember things easily. Kids often dislike writing and assume that they can remember everything by simply reading a text. Encourage your kid to write more. If it is a difficult subject, ask your kid to write more.


05/6​Recall your subjects​

Once you are done writing and remembering your subject, do not just leave it there. Ask your child to start learning from the beginning so that it helps with revision. Repeated learning helps memorizing subjects quicker. Kids study several subjects on a daily basis and it is practically impossible for them to memorize everything at a time if the right strategy is not used.


06/6​Follow a fixed time table​

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