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5 Reasons to avoid consuming Mayonnaise

01/6​​5 Reasons to avoid consuming Mayonnaise​

Right from adding a creamy twist to healthy salads to being the most loved condiment with snacks and appetizers, Mayonnaise has been a quintessential part of our day-to-day diet. But do you know this creamy delight can silently impact your overall health and lead to weight gain and a plethora of health disorders. Well, here are a few reasons why Mayonnaise is not as good as you think! Read on to find out…


02/6​​High in Calories and Fat​

Mayonnaise is a calorie-dense condiment made with oil, eggs, sodium rich salt, which makes it high in fats. However, it is often used in sandwiches, salads, and other dishes, which can lead to a higher calorie intake.


03/6​Saturated and Trans Fat Content​

Traditional Mayonnaise is often made with vegetable oils that may contain saturated and trans fats. Excessive intake of saturated and trans fats is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.


04/6​​Preservatives and Additives​

Commercially produced Mayonnaise may contain preservatives and additives to extend its shelf life and enhance flavor.


05/6​Raw Egg Concerns

Traditional Mayonnaise recipes often include raw eggs, which may pose a risk of foodborne illness due to potential contamination with Salmonella. While commercial Mayonnaise is usually made with pasteurized eggs, which can impact pregnant women, young children, or those with compromised metabolic health.


06/6​​Dietary Preferences and Allergies​

Individuals with specific dietary preferences and allergies must choose their condiment wisely as the egg content in Mayonnaise may trigger allergic reactions in some people. Mayonnaise may also contain additives and preservatives, which can hamper dietary restriction and trigger certain ailments.


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