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5 ways to stop ​thumb sucking in kids

01/6How to get rid of thumb sucking habit in children

It comes naturally to newborns to suckle. As part of their practice to find solace and calm oneself, they frequently utilize their thumbs or fingers. A newborn may develop a thumb or finger sucker habit within the first several months of life, or even earlier, as a sedative, sleep aid, or just to feel nice.

Thumb or finger sucking is not just frequent at this age, but it’s also seen as safe for a child’s development, including speech development. But the most common question that parents ask themselves is, “How long should it last?” When a youngster is old enough for preschool, should they still suck their thumb? Here are 5 ways that can be your ticket to curb this bad habit:


02/6​​Recognizing triggers​

Keep an eye out for when they are sucking and make an effort to occupy them. Although there are many other possible triggers, they generally fit into a few main categories: boredom, routine, hunger, stress, and fatigue.


03/6​​Restrict the actions​

DO make an effort to keep your child’s thumb sucking sessions within the bedroom, rather than outside. Tell him that this is something you do in bed for naps and at night. This will help them curb this habit outside the house and motivate them to stop it completely over time.


04/6​​Speak to them​

Do have a conversation with your child about their finger or thumb sucking. Assist your child in realizing that you will be there to support her when she is ready to stop. When the time comes, she will come to you and say, “Mommy, I don’t want to suck my thumb anymore,” because you have given her the confidence to do so. When he’s not sucking his thumb, try to catch him and give him some praise rather than pointing fingers at him.


05/6​​Put on some bitter nail paint​

Applying a foul-tasting nail varnish to the fingers is another tactic used to discourage aggressive nail biters from sucking their thumbs. However, since this method isn’t the most gentle way to break your child’s habit, several specialists do not advise doing it. However, one taste of this substance helps keep kids on track who are motivated to stop and just need a fast reminder not to suck. It doesn’t obstruct mobility and is also discrete.


06/6​​Provide incentives and rewards​

It might be challenging to phase out reward systems since not all children respond well to them. Nevertheless, some children find great motivation in the chance to get rewards or privileges for each day they refrain from sucking their thumb, as well as in seeing a visible record of their progress in the form of stickers or little tokens.


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