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6 signs that show you have the mind of a Yogi

01/7The mind of a Yogi

There are mainly two types of people in the world – first are those who have a monkey mind, constantly jumping from one thought to the other and one end to another. They rarely have some form of peace in their life and when they finally start calming down, the moment of calm ignites another thought! And then, there are people with the mind and heart of a Yogi. They are pure, spiritual, calm and content with what they have and have achieved. The material possessions are not what they want and ultimately, they know that it is all about inner peace.

And, if you feel that you or someone around you has the mind of a Yogi, here are some signs to check.


02/7Usually calm and composed

A person with the heart and mind of a Yogi has an aura of calmness and composure to them. Even when life hits them with the most violent storms, they don’t lose their cool, instead they face that storm and tame it accordingly. Even in the face of hardships, people who have the mind of a saint or a Yogi remain steady, like a rock amidst turbulent waters. And this calm isnt just a facade but stems from a deep-rooted inner peace that they have naturally in them or have formed after years of practice.


03/7Detachment from anything material

For people who have the heart and mind of a Saint, the material possessions do not make much difference. These people are happy not just with king mattresses but also with sleeping on the ground. To them, a watch from the biggest brands holds the same meaning as the one that might be lying on the ground. Material possessions hold little allure for those with a yogic mindset. The pure, saint minds do not let material desires dictate their happiness or define their worth. The real joy for them comes from experiences, connections, and inner fulfilment.


04/7Follow their heart

If you would have ever noticed a Yogi, you will see that they are happy with what they have, do what they please and are just so much more calm and centred than others. Well, this is probably because they follow their heart. Yogis are better at listening to the sounds of the universe and their ‘atman’ or inner soul, which helps them follow its guidance with trust. They make decisions not based solely on logic or societal expectations but by aligning with their deepest desires and intuition. By following their heart’s wisdom, they lead a life that is authentic and fulfilling.


05/7Connection with nature

One can easily identify that a person has the mind of a yogi by seeing their connection with nature. The little things like walking barefoot, hugging a tree, whispering to the flowers at home and so on are some peculiar things that people with a pure mind and heart do. Walking barefoot especially, in the grass or at home, isn’t merely a matter of convenience for a yogi; it’s a choice that they like to make to stay more grounded and more connected to nature. Yogi’s love to feel the soft, cold and welcoming feel the natural Earth has that connects them to the rhythms of nature.


06/7No tolerance for negative vibes

The yogic mindset does not welcome any form of negativity and illness. Whether it’s physical illnesses or toxic, demeaning relationships, yogis like to maintain a nice balance within themselves and their surroundings. The pure, saint-like mind only wants positivity and simple feelings around them instead of the mix and match of various energies. When faced with negativity, people with the mind and heart of a yogi either get themselves away from that situation or try to turn them into positive experiences.


07/7Ultimately, they just want peace

Above everything else, the yogi mind seeks peace and contentment. All they really want is a state of calm, serenity and contentment that helps rise above the ills and toxicities. A yogic mind understands that peace isn’t just the absence of conflict but also a state of inner peace and happiness that is present no matter what the situation is. Through their spiritual practices, self-reflection, and connection with the divine, a yogic mind and person realise the ultimate results of life.


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