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9 poor habits that children get from their parents

Poor habits children get from parents

In their early years, children pick up most of their parents’ habits. Watch what you say and do, in order to raise them as better adults. For some reason, bad habits are more difficult to break than they are to acquire, hence pay attention to these negative habits they might be learning from you:


​​Disorganised behaviour​

Children replicate things from an early age. If one of the parents has the bad habit of tossing their clothes on the floor as they undress, your child might supposedly pick it up from you and remain disorganised all their life. One needs to teach how having clean bedsheets and shoes in order is a nice thing.


​​Overly rivalrous​

Most parents measure success by test scores and don’t allow their kids to work at their own speed. Children now compete fiercely, which can negatively affect their self-esteem and cause them to feel frustrated, disappointed, or even depressed.


​​Poor personal hygiene​

If you’re someone who sleeps without brushing your teeth, your children will get this habit from you and battle with poor oral health in their later life. Bathing daily, changing underwear and doing skincare are some of the habits that parents inculcate in children.


​​Hitting others​

Many kids are in the habit of hitting other kids. Many parents’ go-to response when trying to stop a habit is to slap and reprimand their child. However, this strategy actually has the opposite effect. It sends a message to the child that hitting someone who has erred is OK.


​​Verbal abuse​

If you find your child using bad language at home, chances are that you need to put a filter on your own words. Children are always on the lookout for new words as they’re building their vocabulary. Hence, it is better to keep it positive around them.


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Everyone likes to get what they want but children do not understand the repercussions of everything they desire. If your child finds one of the parents heckling their partner for something to get done, this behaviour could be copied later by them with you.


​​Nail biting​

When under stress, many children as well their parents have a tendency to bite their fingernails. If the nail-biting habit isn’t broken at the appropriate age, it will remain throughout adulthood and become a persistent habit.


​​Excessive screen time​

Kids mimic the grown-ups, so it seems sense that if we use our laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other electronics excessively, our kids will pick up the practice as well.


​​Unhealthy eating habits​

Kids consume food that they saw you consuming at the dinner table. It could be a large slice of pizza or a bowl of nourishing soup. When kids eat to make up for a bad mood, they frequently go for high-sugar meals like cakes and candies, which can cause weight problems.


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