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‘Aap technology ko…’: Ex-India players not ‘convinced’ with DRS

NEW DELHI: Former Indian spinner

Harbhajan Singh

has expressed his reservations regarding the Decision Review System (


), citing concerns over its accuracy in judging the bounce of the ball.
Speaking on the 180 Not Out podcast, Harbhajan articulated his scepticism, stating, “I am somehow not convinced with this DRS system; I’m not fully inclined to believe that it is entirely accurate because it cannot judge the bounce of the ball and how much it is bouncing.”

Harbhajan elaborated on his stance, highlighting the discrepancy between the DRS rulings and the basic principle of cricket.

He remarked, “Another thing that bothers me is that when we start playing cricket in the neighbourhood, we are shown the wicket and told that if the ball hits the wicket, you’re out. Whether it hits this much or that much, you’re out. If the ball touches the stump, grazes it, or hits it fully, that’s out,” questioning the system’s deviation from this fundamental rule.

Moreover, Harbhajan criticized the inconsistency in applying DRS decisions by umpires, citing instances where umpires uphold decisions contrary to the evidence provided by the technology.
“If the umpire has given a not out, and DRS clearly shows the ball hitting the stumps. It should be given out. But we sometimes use the umpire’s decision and retain the not out verdict. Aap technology ko la bhi rahe ho aur uski baat bhi nahi maan rahe (You are bringing in technology but not accepting its decision),” he queried, advocating for a more consistent approach.

In contrast, former India pacer S Sreesanth expressed a more positive view towards technology in cricket, albeit with some reservations. While acknowledging the potential benefits of technology in improving decision-making, Sreesanth also cautioned, “Technology, if used wisely, is brilliant because you’ve got to accept the change, but don’t depend on it completely.”

Meanwhile, in the 2024 Indian Premier League, a contentious DRS decision stirred controversy during a match involving star batter

Virat Kohli

. In the Kolkata Knight Riders vs

Royal Challengers Bengaluru

game, Kohli’s dismissal, following a heated exchange with the on-field umpires, reignited the debate surrounding the efficacy of technology in cricket.