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Aditi Rao Hydari’s chic and lively Mumbai home

Her home in Mumbai

Famous actress Aditi Rao Hydari has a home that feels like stepping into an Indian fairytale. From the bright, chich sofas to the elegant paintings on the walls, the house is a dream come true. Here we share a few pictures from Hydari’s Versova home.


The beautiful red sofa

Featured in many of her pictures and videos on social media is this beautiful red sofa with prints of roses and flowers on it. Giving the perfect vibe of chic and floral, this design is a dream.


The beautiful rugs

A very aesthetic focal point of her home are the beautiful rugs present in the rooms. From deep reds to slight browns, they look both elegant and royal.


Aesthetic outdoors

The outdoors too are elegant and aesthetic. With seating overlooking the wide sky, the trees and plants give it the perfect natural appeal.


A piano

Adding to the elegance of the space is a beautiful piano kept in one of the rooms. In a video shared by Aditi, we can see actor Siddharth excellently playing it.


Paintings and tones

The house features beautiful, minimal tones all over with dominantly white and beige. Also across the home are beautiful paintings adding to the elegance.


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Wooden furniture and a beautiful lamp

An adorable video of Aditi and Siddharth dancing with each other features the beautiful wooden furniture they have at home and a unique white lamp that adds a touch of style to the place.


The fairytale bedroom

Aditi has an amazingly chic fairytale-like bedroom with the curtains spread right behind and the covers being minimal and beautiful.


The staircase and a bookshelf

The staircase has a beautiful black and white hue to it and the bookshelf kept right beside gives us a glimpse into her reading interests.


Her yoga spot

The perfect outdoor spot for Aditi’s yoga and fitness routine is also part of the house. With trees all around and being out in the open, it gives the perfect ambience to engage in some mindful yoga.


A dream home

In all, from the minimal, fairytale-like bedroom to the elegant and royal rugs that grace the floors, Aditi Rao Hydari’s Versova home is a dream come true.


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