Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Malaysian star Queenzy Cheng passes away

Malaysian singer-actress Queenzy Cheng, aged 37, met an untimely demise yesterday, November 28, while filming for the social media channel Squad Sekawan. The tragic...

Celebs who got married post 40

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After controversy over her lipstick comment, Alia Bhatt says ‘ I am bound to say stupid things in public’

Nov 07, 2023, 09:02AM ISTSource:

A couple of months back, Alia Bhatt revealed that her actor-husband Ranbir Kapoor urged her to remove lipstick due to his preference for her natural lip shade. However, this revelation did not go down well with a section of netizens, who started accusing the ‘Rockstar’ actor of exhibiting a ‘toxic husband’ trait. Now, Alia has reacted to the controversy. While addressing the audience at the Hindustan Times Summit, the ‘Brahmastra’ actress, seemingly in response to her comment about wiping off her lipstick, shared, ‘I am a human being, and I am bound to say four stupid things in public. But I may also say 14 intelligent things. But negativity travels faster than positivity.’ While stating that she believes in the larger picture and love conquers all, Alia went on to express that negative comments can affect anyone and perhaps play a role in making her more private. ‘Maybe I have also become a more private person because of that, but I cannot fault anyone for it. I have never in my life spoken back or said, ‘You can’t say this about me’. I don’t think it’s fair with the position I am in, maybe the privilege that I have, it doesn’t look nice to me…I don’t feel that that’s correct’, said the actress. She continued by adding, ‘As long as my movies are doing well and I’m entertaining them, when I say I’m grateful for all the love, these are the moments that I have to show my gratitude. I am who I am because of the audience.’ On the work front, Alia is currently busy filming Vasant Bala’s ‘Jigra.’ For more news and updates, stay tuned to ETimes.

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