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Amazon Drive is going away, here’s everything you need to know about it

Amazon Drive is going away, here’s everything you need to know about it

Amazon has announced that it will be discontinuing its Amazon Drive service, rendering it inaccessible starting December 31. However, all data stored in Amazon Drive will remain unaffected and will be automatically transferred to Amazon Photos. Users are advised not to manually move their data and to avoid deleting it from Amazon Drive to prevent data loss. The Amazon Drive app has already been removed from iOS and Android app stores, and users have the option to either stick with Amazon Photos or transfer their data to another cloud storage platform.

Amazon recently shut its online

comics platform

— Comixology and today the company announced the discontinuation of the

Amazon Drive service

. According to the report by AppleInsider,

Amazon Drive

will become inaccessible starting December 31.
What’s happening to Amazon Drive
As mentioned, the Amazon Drive service will be discontinued. This means users won’t be able to access the files and documents stored via Amazon Drive.

This change applies to both Amazon Drive iOS and Android apps.
What will happen to the data?

Amazon has confirmed that all the data stored in Amazon Drive will remain unaffected. Users will be able to access all their data, files and everything else that they’ve stored in the Amazon Drive. However, to do so, they will need the

Amazon Photos

That said, all the data stored within Amazon Drive will be transferred to Amazon Photos automatically. Users aren’t supposed to manually move them from one platform to another. Amazon has also advised users not to delete the data from Amazon Drive as it will be deleted from both Drive and Photos and will end in data loss.

Apps have been removed already
While there’s still time for this transformation, Amazon has already pulled down the Amazon Drive app from iOS and Android app stores as of October 31. Also, the company has already prevented users from uploading files to Amazon Drive since January 31.
What options do you have
The transition is as simple as it can be. You can either choose to stick to the platform and more to Amazon Photos eventually. Or, you can download all the data on your PC before December 31 and upload it to another cloud storage of your choice.

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