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Arbaaz: Salman paid above market rate for home productions

Salman Khan

stands as one of the most renowned superstars and among the highest-paid actors. However, according to his brothers

Arbaaz Khan


Sohail Khan

, when they engage Salman for their productions, they compensate him slightly more than his

market value

In conversation with Timeout With Ankit, Arbaaz emphasized the importance of maintaining professionalism with Salman Khan on set. He expressed the need to ensure that Salman doesn’t feel undervalued or taken advantage of simply because of their familial relationship. Arbaaz stressed the necessity of treating Salman with the same level of respect and professionalism as other actors on set. He emphasized that on set, Salman is not just his brother but also a fellow professional deserving of equal treatment and respect.

Arbaaz conveyed that while he may have some leeway with Salman, it doesn’t imply that he can disregard his requests. He emphasized the importance of meeting Salman’s demands and ensuring that they maintain integrity and professionalism in their working relationship. Arbaaz underscored their commitment to upholding these principles to sustain a healthy and respectful dynamic on set.

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Arbaaz explained that when it comes to compensation, they ensure to pay Salman Khan according to his current market value. In fact, they have often paid him even more than his prevailing market rate, which contributes to elevating his price for subsequent projects. He mentioned that for their collaborations, they strive to match Salman’s highest earning from his other films. Arbaaz cited the example of ‘Dabangg,’ where they paid Salman more than his market rate, subsequently establishing this figure as his benchmark for future films, including ‘



Arbaaz emphasized that Salman Khan brings immense value to their projects, deserving the compensation commensurate with his stature. He clarified that this compensation isn’t coming from his personal funds but rather from the project’s budget, acknowledging Salman’s status as a superstar and the financial implications involved. Arbaaz underscored the importance of respecting individuals’ worth and ensuring they receive appropriate compensation for their contributions.