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Arbaaz, Sohail: ‘We aren’t successful as Salman but…’

Arbaaz Khan


Sohail Khan

recently opened up about nepotism in the film industry and how unfair it is to credit an actor’s success to the family they belong to. The duo are the sons of screenwriter

Salim Khan

and the brothers of superstar

Salman Khan

In a recent interview to Timeout with Ankit, Arbaaz said that a few doors may stay open for you if your father belongs to any particular field, not only in the film industry.

Your father can be a doctor, a lawyer, which will give you access to others in those professions. Similarly, as actors, it was possible for them because of their father to meet someone they wanted. But that did not guarantee work.
He stated that it may help you to have a break but won’t build a career for anyone. “Sohail and I may not be as successful as other superstars or our brother Salman Khan, for that matter, but we are still here. We are working and are busy doing other things. No one does favors for anyone,” Arbaaz added.
Arbaaz Khan also addressed the dynamics of Bollywood, stating that no matter if you are related to any Bollywood biggies, nobody will give you a role if the audience doesn’t want to experience your acting on-screen.

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“It would be unfair to say that if an actor is successful, it is because of their connections or nepotism. Even a superstar goes through a phase where 10 of their films flop and they don’t know what to do. How can they then favor or help another celeb’s kin?” he mentioned.
Arbaaz further added that if a handful of actors made it big as someone’s son or brother, there are hundreds of sons and brothers who didn’t succeed in the industry. He then revealed that the next generation of the Khan family, Arhaan Khan and Nirvaan Khan, are both grooming themselves right now. Arhaan is the son of Arbaaz and ex-wife Malaika Arora. Nirvaan is Sohail and his ex-wife Seema Sajdeh’s son.
In the same interview, Sohail mentioned that Nirvaan recently completed his studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and in the next two to three years, he will assist a director of his choice in Mumbai. After getting trained for a year or so, he will start working.