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Arhaan teases paps as he gets spotted with Rasha

Arbaaz Khan


Malaika Arora

‘s son,

Arhaan Khan

, and

Raveena Tandon

‘s daughter,

Rasha Thadani

, were recently spotted together, sparking curiosity among fans. The duo was seen exiting Otters Club in Mumbai on Tuesday evening, clad in stylish yet casual attire.
Rasha Thadani sported a white sleeveless crop top paired with black track pants, exuding a trendy and comfortable vibe.



Khan opted for a blue tee and grey tracks, showcasing his laid-back yet fashionable sense of dressing. Despite stepping out separately, all eyes were on the young pair.
During their outing, Arhaan amused the paparazzi by playfully asking, “Yaha kiske liye aaye ho” (Whom are you here for?), adding a playful touch to the candid moment.

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-26.

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-26 (2).

This is not the first for Arhaan and Rasha, as they have been spotted together in Mumbai on previous occasions. Earlier this month, the paparazzi captured glimpses of their casual strolls and even captured them traveling together in a car, fueling speculation about their budding friendship.

Arhaan Khan and Rasha Thadai snapped together, netizens react to viral video!

Their camaraderie was also evident at Arbaaz Khan’s second wedding to makeup artist Sshura Khan, where a viral video showcased Arhaan Khan’s performance, with Rasha Thadani by his side.

As their public appearances continue to garner attention, Arhaan Khan gears up for his upcoming podcast project, while Rasha Thadani prepares for her Bollywood debut in director Abhishek Kapoor’s upcoming film. The film, which marks the debut of

Ajay Devgn

‘s nephew Aaman Devgan, adds to the anticipation surrounding Rasha’s entry into the film industry.