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Babil hugged SRK’s leg tightly on Billu Barber sets

Babil Khan

, son of the late actor

Irrfan Khan

, recently shared a

fanboy moment

he had with the Bollywood king, Shah Rukh Khan, on the sets of the 2009 film ‘

Billu Barber

‘, starring Irrfan Khan, Lara Dutta in lead roles. Babil jumped on SRK’s leg and hugged him tightly for a while. The actor also shared why he is never spotted at any Bollywood parties.
In an interview with MensXP, Babil recollected the entry of Shah Rukh to the sets of ‘Billu Barber’, ‘It was a great meeting with Shah Rukh Khan.

I jumped on him. He came in a Bentley and behind him, people from five villages were following.’

Babil Khan opens up about the “traumatic” impact of Irrfan Khan’s fame on his childhood

Babil accompanied his father to the shooting sets and was completely amazed the moment SRK stepped out of his car. ‘I don’t know what happened to me, and I did not think anything. I never felt ‘this man is Shah Rukh Khan.’ I jumped on his leg; I was small at that time,’ he added. But SRK did not say anything, just softly patted his head and started walking with him. Babil was still hugging SRK’s leg.

In the same interview, Babil revealed the reason behind him not attending any Bollywood parties.’Because I am not a star kid. Baba was not a contemporary star from any angle. But now he has become because of all the chatter. He is different. You can’t put him in a box.’ He mentioned that he goes to parties sometimes. ‘I have social anxiety, and that is not the only reason. I like to stay alone. I like to work on who I am,’ he concluded.
On the work front, Babil Khan is gearing up for his next film in ‘The Umesh Chronicles’.