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Balenciaga’s bracelet looks like a roll of tape

Luxury fashion brand


, known for its avant-garde and unconventional creations, has once again captured attention with its latest product innovation: a


resembling a roll of clear tape. Unveiled during

Paris Fashion Week

‘s Fall/Winter 2024 collection, this unique accessory has stirred up quite a buzz, particularly after media outlet Highsnobiety shared a TikTok clip and Instagram Reel showcasing the peculiar item.

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However, the unveiling of the clear packing tape-inspired bracelet has sparked mixed reactions online, with many internet users expressing disbelief and amusement. Criticism has been directed towards Balenciaga for its tendency to transform ordinary household items into high-priced fashion accessories. With a hefty price tag estimated to be around $3,300 (INR 2,75,000) some social media users have questioned the brand’s approach, labeling it as extravagant and absurd.

Despite the attention garnered by the

tape bracelet

, it is currently not available for purchase on Balenciaga’s official website, leaving curious consumers wondering about its eventual retail price. This isn’t the first time Balenciaga has ventured into unconventional designs, having previously offered items like a leather pouch resembling a full garbage bag and a handbag wrapped in bright yellow and black tape, inspired by Kim Kardashian, both fetching exorbitant prices.

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Balenciaga, the renowned luxury fashion brand, has continuously pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the fashion industry. Founded by Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1919, the brand has a rich history of groundbreaking designs that have redefined modern fashion. Balenciaga’s avant-garde approach to design has made it a trailblazer in the industry, with its iconic silhouettes, unexpected proportions, and bold experimentation with materials.

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Balenciaga has experienced a revitalization, garnering attention for its unconventional and thought-provoking collections. Gvasalia’s vision has propelled Balenciaga to new heights, with the brand embracing a disruptive aesthetic that challenges traditional notions of luxury. From oversized outerwear to exaggerated silhouettes and unexpected collaborations, Balenciaga continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its fearless approach to fashion.