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Beyoncé’s album “Cowboy Carter” smashes records


is back with a bang as her latest


, “Cowboy Carter,” takes the music world by storm. The Queen Bey’s eighth studio album, released on March 29, 2024, has already broken several records within just 24 hours of its debut.

This album, which follows the storyline of her previous release “Renaissance,” marks the second installment of Beyoncé’s trilogy project.

Packed with hits like “


” and featuring collaborations with artists like Miley Cyrus and

Post Malone

, “Cowboy Carter” has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.
In just one day, the album has achieved remarkable milestones on various streaming platforms:

Spotify Breakout: “Cowboy Carter” saw the highest first-day streams on Spotify in 2024, making it the most popular album on the platform.
Amazon Music Dominance: The album made history with the biggest debut ever on Amazon Music globally, surpassing the first-day streams of any previous Beyoncé album.
Chart-Topping Hit: Beyoncé’s cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” soared to the number one spot on US iTunes within minutes of its release, dethroning her own hit “II MOST WANTED.”

Country Music Breakthrough: Setting a new


for the most first-day streams for a country album by a female artist on Amazon Music, “Cowboy Carter” proves Beyoncé’s versatility.

Apple Music Domination: Securing the top spot on US Apple Music, the album solidifies Beyoncé’s dominance in chart-topping music across all platforms.
Critical Acclaim: With a Metacritic rating of 90, “Cowboy Carter” stands as the most acclaimed album of 2024, showcasing Beyoncé’s continued excellence in the music industry.
Despite rumors of a collaboration with Taylor Swift, the album features collaborations with other artists like Miley Cyrus. Following the release, Miley expressed her admiration for Beyoncé, emphasizing the privilege of working alongside her.
In a press release, Beyoncé revealed that she had originally planned to release “Cowboy Carter” before “Renaissance” but chose to delay its release due to the pandemic. Her decision reflects a desire to bring joy and positivity to listeners during challenging times.
With its groundbreaking success, “Cowboy Carter” cements Beyoncé’s status as a music icon and leaves fans eagerly awaiting the next installment of her trilogy project.