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Feb 21, 2024, 11:42PM ISTSource: TOI.inA zoo keeper was attacked and killed by a lion at the Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria. The zoo...
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Bianca’s revealing attire leaves family ‘mortified’

Bianca Censori

, made headlines for her bold fashion choices this week as she stepped out with her husband

Kanye West

in Los Angeles. This time around, it wasn’t just the fans who voiced their concerns, but also Censori’s family, particularly her parents.
The 29-year-old was spotted in a rather revealing outfit that left very little to the imagination. She was seen in a see-through poncho with a little text in the front that shielded her modesty. Kanye, on the other hand, who walked with Censori by his side, was the complete opposite, in a black mask, boots, slim-fit pants and a poncho that he wore over a hoodie.
This was one of Bianca’s latest revealing outfits that drew attention and criticism from onlookers. Reports in the Daily Mail suggested that Bianca’s parents were ‘deeply distressed’ upon seeing the photos. They even expressed their shock and disbelief over their daughter’s recent behaviour.

Insiders close to the family told the portal that Bianca’s family is ‘mortified’ because her outfit choices keep getting worse. Addressing the matter of her attire, the source highlighted not only the provocative nature of her clothing but also the potential legal implications, suggesting that she may be in violation of decency laws.
Over the past months, fans and social media users have expressed concerns about Kanye’s influence and ‘control’ over Bianca. Reports indicate that the rapper has been increasingly involving Bianca in his various projects, including his clothing line, potentially furthering his control over her.
Recently, Kanye irked netizens when he shared a risque photo of Bianca as his cell phone wallpaper, and showcased it on Instagram.

Last year, a lifetime ban was imposed on the couple by a boat company in Venice for ‘indecent exposure’. During the boat ride, it was reported that Kanye not only flashed his bottom but also made his wife perform a sexual act in public which created a stir online.

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