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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo launches personal label


made a significant move in her career as she unveiled her

personal label

, BLISSOO, through its official website on February 21. Described as a special space akin to a gift box containing Jisoo’s absolute happiness,


aims to showcase the multifaceted artist and share her boundless charms with fans worldwide.
Quoting from the website, BLISSOO is described as a space that “houses the alluring artist Jisoo in a special place like a gift box containing Jisoo’s absolute happiness”.

Additionally, Jisoo expressed her desire to “give happiness and joy to her fans with diverse appearances and endless charms”. The label also conveyed their hope that “every moment you spend with Jisoo at BLISSOO will be a special and meaningful experience”.
The establishment of BLISSOO confirms earlier speculations about Jisoo’s plans to venture into individual activities. However, the question remains whether BLISSOO is affiliated with Jisoo’s older brother’s company, Biomom, which has yet to be confirmed. Fans were thrilled with this unofficial revelation and flooded social media with love for the beloved idol.

Notably, Jisoo joins her fellow BLACKPINK members in setting up personal labels, marking a trend within the group toward pursuing individual creative endeavors.


established ODD ATELIER, while


announced her company, LLOUD. Meanwhile, Rosé remains the only member yet to announce her agency for individual schedules, leaving fans eager to see what her future plans entail.