Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Nursery Rhymes in English: Children Video Song in English ‘Ho Ho Ho Santa Bob’

Nov 29, 2023, 02:00PM ISTSource: YouTubeNursery Rhymes and Children Learning Video Songs in English: Watch popular children's rhyme 'Ho Ho Ho Santa Bob' in...
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Bo-hyun’s FIRST post after breakup with Jisoo

Ahn Bo-hyun

took to Instagram to celebrate his latest win with fans. In a series of clicks, the actor was seen posing with a trophy, from the 18th Asia Model Festival. Standing tall, Ahn Bo-hyun looked dapper in a black suit with his win for the Model Star Award.
His caption, roughly translated into English read, “You can show a better side of yourself without losing your original intention.

I will become a person who works hard. Thank you sincerely.”
While the ‘See You in My 19th Life’ actor was celebrating his triumphs, netizens brought up his recent break up with BLACKPINK’s


in the comments. One comment read, “It’s the first time we’ve seen him since his breakup… They went so well together, he cleared his schedule for Jisoo, I think it’s a shame, the two will always have a busy schedule even for their next partner. .. I absolutely didn’t expect it”, while another user wrote, “im sure they gonna be together again”. Netizens also posted Gifs of Jisoo on the post, defending the couple, one user wrote, “stop discussing Jisoo here in any case, they are no longer in a relationship and broke up on good terms, let them live their own lives.”


Korean pop star Jisoo and actor Ahn Bo-hyun had announced their relationship in August this year. “[Jisoo and Ahn] are in a stage where they are getting to know each other slowly with good feelings. We would appreciate it if you could watch the couple with a warm gaze,” YG Entertainment had then, asking fans to respect the couple’s privacy as they explore their relationship.
However, within a few months of dating, the couple parted ways. Confirming the same, BLACKPINK’s agency had said, “It is true that Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun broke up.” While an insider quoted by JTBC Entertainment News revealed, “Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun’s relationship naturally became distant due to their busy schedules, and they recently broke up.”

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