Cong will win state polls, its govts will look after poor, not tycoons: Rahul

RAIPUR: Framing the end-year assembly elections as the “poor vs


” battle, Rahul Gandhi Saturday exuded confidence that


will win in the key states and form governments “which will look after the impoverished, and not the billionaire”. He said Congress won the

Karnataka polls

by a landslide despite the tall claims by BJP, because “every poor voted for Congress”.
“Be it Karnataka, Himachal, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh governments, or the governments to come in Madhya Pradesh and Telangana, all will be of the poor, and not of Adani,” Rahul told a gathering of “Rajiv Youth Mithan Club” – social groups engaged in public service, launched by Baghel regime.
As he struck a familiar note by alleging that

Modi government

is working for three billionaire friends and handing over to the Adani group the infrastructure of the country, Rahul touched upon the fresh revelations made by the foreign media about alleged stock manipulation by the company. He rhetorically asked why the government was not instituting a probe into the charges that Adani routed his own money through overseas firms into his stocks. “The thousands of crores that went out of India was not Adani’s money, but of someone else. Who did the money belong to? The PM can never order an inquiry into Adani, because the findings will not hurt Adani, but somebody else,” he said.
Rahul’s remarks came barely minutes after CM Baghel told voters only Congress stands between Chhattisgarh’s mines and natural resources, and the Adani group. He said the ED-IT raids were a result of the state government having refused to kowtow to the diktats to hand over the mines to the company.

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