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Consulting companies choosy while hiring freshers


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and consulting firms are going to colleges to hire, but this year they are becoming more choosy about where they go and who they hire.
Deloitte India’s chief people officer Deepti Sagar says they will focus on 40 to 50 colleges, instead of going to 400 colleges like they did earlier. “These 50 colleges are those we have tie-ups with, where a course is designed by us and taught to final year students.

The course helps students prepare for the

recruitment process

and eases training for us when they join. The freshers we recruit will get a project within two to four months of them joining Deloitte. Having fewer colleges also means we can focus on quality,” Sagar says.
Most of the chosen colleges are tier II ones. This helps keep salary costs down. “The salary we have to offer these students is many times lesser than what we would have to offer someone from a tier I college. Plus, these employees stay for longer in the organisation,” Sagar says.
KPMG is looking at fresher talent specialising in advanced analytics and


. Akhilesh Tuteja, partner, KPMG in India and global head (cyber security), says it is difficult to find laterals in advanced analytics, and laterals do not have the time to upskill, while freshers are willing to learn.

KPMG’s campus hiring is expected to be 15% more than last year, but Tuteja did not say how many were hired in the previous year. Like Deloitte, KPMG will focus on colleges with which they have tie-ups, and on students learning newer technologies.
Boston Consulting Group said it is focusing on MBA graduates, those ready to face a client because of their prior work experience. “We are looking at the internship route to bring in undergraduate pass-outs and some who have studied design in top colleges like IIT. We need talent that can face a CEO or CTO and work out a strategy to implement transformation,” Abhik Chatterjee, MD and partner at BCG, says.