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‘Creep’ AI robot touches woman inappropriately on TV in Saudi Arabia

NEW DELHI: A video circulating on

social media

has caused a stir as it appears to show a fully autonomous AI


groping a reporter during an interview at a technology festival in

Saudi Arabia

According to a BBC report, journalist

Rawya Kassem

was speaking in front of the robot, named Mohammad, when it seemed to move towards her inappropriately. Kassem quickly moved away from the robot, signaling it to stop. The incident took place at DeepFest, an


event in Riyadh.
The developers of Mohammad, robotics firm QSS said that the robot operates independently without human control. “We have already conducted a thorough review of the footage and the circumstances surrounding the incident and there was no deviations from the expected behavior of Mohammad, however, we will take additional measures to prevent anyone getting close to the Robot within its areas of movement,” said QSS to Metro UK.
Some have speculated that the robot was simply asking Kassem to step forward, as Mohammad was built to be bilingual and assist in technological advancements, according to Metro UK.

Social media users had mixed reactions to the incident, with some accusing the robot of being a ‘creep’. Others suggested that it was a misunderstanding and that the fault lies with humans, not the robot.
DeepFest organizers have emphasized the importance of maintaining a safe distance from the robot during demonstrations and have highlighted their dedication to safety and well-being.
The incident has raised questions about the boundaries and behavior of AI robots. Meanwhile, the festival described Mohammad as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to innovation.