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​Divine baby names inspired by Lord Jagannath’s legacy

Lord Jagannath resides in his holy abode at Puri, Odisha

Lord Jagannath, revered in Hinduism as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, symbolizes divine love, compassion, and universality. Here are a few names inspired by the Lord.

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Meaning “Blue Mountain,” Nilachala is another name for the sacred city of Puri, where Lord Jagannath resides, symbolizing purity and divine abode.

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Derived from “Nilaadri Nath,” another name for Lord Jagannath, this name signifies the divine presence of the Lord atop the blue mountain.

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Inspired by Subhadra, Lord Jagannath’s sister, this name exudes grace and beauty, symbolizing familial love and devotion.

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Named after Lord Jagannath’s elder brother, Balabhadra, this name conveys strength, protection, and leadership qualities.

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Inspired by the Sudarshana Chakra, the divine weapon of Lord Jagannath, this name represents protection and auspiciousness.

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Meaning “unique” or “incomparable,” Ananya signifies the exclusive devotion and connection to Lord Jagannath.

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A name for Lord Krishna, who is also worshipped as Jagannath, Keshava represents divine attributes like beauty, charm, and compassion.

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Derived from “Purusottama,” another name for Lord Jagannath, this name signifies the Supreme Being, epitomizing transcendence and perfection.

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Meaning “the one who attracts the universe,” Jagamohan represents the captivating presence and divine allure of Lord Jagannath, drawing devotees towards spiritual enlightenment.

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Derived from one of Lord Jagannath’s names, Achyuta symbolizes his infallible and immutable nature.

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Meaning “lord” or “master,” Prabhuja embodies the authority and divine sovereignty of Lord Jagannath.

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Signifying Lord Jagannath’s beloved nature, Keshavapriya represents affection, charm, and divine love.

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