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Divya recalls the time when Salman Khan clicked pics

Divya Dutta

recently opened up about her first meeting with Bollywood’s ‘


‘ star

Salman Khan

. She also shared some interesting anecdotes about the superstar.
In an interview with Lallantop, Divya reminisced about her interaction with Salman, who had taken numerous pictures of her. Reflecting on the past, she fondly recalled her favorite memory with Salman.

However, she also shared an anecdote about her initial encounter with him, where he didn’t acknowledge her as she had expected. Recounting the incident, she mentioned that her uncle had announced a film, and she had begun preparations in Punjab for the muhurat ceremony. When she inquired about the finalized heroine for the film, her uncle responded in the negative.

At that moment, she entertained the idea of sitting in the front row of the event wearing a red dress, hoping that when Salman noticed her, he might consider casting her as the female lead in the movie. She went ahead with her plan, getting her dress stitched accordingly. However, to her dismay, Khan didn’t even glance in her direction. “I was so disheartened,” she recalled. Despite this, she managed to have some pictures clicked with him on that day.

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It was only during the shooting of their film


, where she portrayed the role of Khan’s sister, that he finally noticed her. Recalling a particular scene where she struggled to take deep breaths and portray her character’s death, she found herself unable to execute it. When Salman Khan learned about her difficulty, he stepped in to help, despite having finished shooting for.
After closing the car door, Salman returned with a protective aura, showing a side of him she hadn’t seen before. He calmly instructed her, “I am sitting next to the camera. Just follow my lead.” Recognizing his sincerity, she complied, acknowledging the care in his words. Salman, aware of her claustrophobia, reassured her, “I will count for you, and I will do it with you.”

Upon hearing this, Divya was amazed, and Salman fulfilled his promise by staying for her shot. He positioned himself in a way that she could see him while she acted. As he counted, she held her breath. When he reached ten and the director called cut, Divya found herself at a loss for words to express her gratitude. That day marked the beginning of their friendship, she reflected with a smile.
During the same interview, the

Sheer Qorma

actress remembered when the Jai Ho actor invited her to take pictures. Initially surprised, she questioned why he would want to photograph her, considering her status. However, Salman insisted, pointing out the beauty of their location. They were shooting in a remote area, and Salman skillfully captured beautiful images of her. To her astonishment, he later had t-shirts and cups made featuring those pictures, which he sent to her. She also acknowledged Salman’s support during her early days in Bollywood.