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Educational qualifications of mughal rulers

Mughal rulers and their qualification

In terms of obtaining a degree, the Mughals lacked education. However, because there were no universities in the Mughal Empire, the kings received their education from specialists in administration, finance, warfare, and religion inside the court.Here are the educational qualifications of famous Mughal rulers:



Babur was a brilliant poet, scholar, and warrior. He wrote his own autobiography, “Tuzuk-i-baburi,” sometimes referred to as “Baburnama” in Turkish or “Memories of Babur.”



Humayun was a learned king who also spent a lot of time in libraries. In the Purana Qila, he eventually perished after falling from his library.



Although Akbar was illiterate, as his close companion Abul Fazl notes in Akbarnama, he placed a high value on knowledge, concepts, and literature.



After much devotion on the part of both emperor Akbar and his Rajput bride Jodh Bai, Jahangir was born. Being the older son of Akbar, plans were made for him to receive his education at Fatehpur Sikri. Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Hindi, geography, history, and arithmetic were all taught to the prince.There are other proofs of his reign and education in the Jahangirnama.


​​Shah Jahan​

Shah Jahan was trained in martial arts and exposed to a wide range of artistic mediums, including poetry and music, as part of a comprehensive education appropriate for his position as a mughal prince.His life story, known as Padhanama, is supported by evidence.


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Aurangzeb was given a fixed daily allowance of Rs. 500, which he used mostly for his schooling. He received his official education in Arabic and Persian.


​​Dara Shikoh​

Shahjahan took extra care to ensure his children received a good education. Upanishads were Dara’s favorite book. Several teachers instructed him with his education.


​​Bahadur Shah Jafar​

Even Bahadur Shah Jafar loved to write ghazals and was an excellent shayar. Because the British were fearful that his poetry might incite disturbance in Delhi and the surrounding areas, he was prohibited from using pens and paper and instead penned ghazals in Burma with charcoal in his prison cell.


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