​Foods that can increase O2 supply in blood​

Aug 31, 2023


It is important to maintain blood oxygen level

The typical blood oxygen level for a healthy person ranges between 95% to 100%. While there are several ways to increase oxygen supply in the blood one of the sure shot ways is to maintain it through a proper diet.

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Also known as Chinese gooseberry, kiwi is a sweet and sour fruit that is loaded in essential vitamins as well. Kiwis enhance iron bioavailability and help in oxygen transfer in the blood.

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Rich in nitrates and polyphenols, pomegranate seeds are considered to be vasodilators that expand the blood vessels.

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We are not unaware of the myriad of health benefits spinach leaves offer to the human body. These nitrate-rich leaves improve circulation and enlarge blood vessels.

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Antioxidants like flavonoids are loaded in oranges. These reduce stiffness in the blood vessels and increase the blood flow.

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Broccoli is easily available in Indian markets these days. It is essential to include these antioxidant-rich foods in your diet in order to improve oxygen levels in the blood.

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Walnuts help regulate blood pressure and reduce arterial inflammation and hence are great food for improving oxygen in blood.

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Almonds are said to reduce blood vessel inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids improve oxygen levels in the body.

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​Health tips​

Always opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables. Wash them properly before consuming. Do not consume more. If there are any abnormal signs, consult your doctor immediately.

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