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Krishna Devotional Song: Listen To Popular Telugu Devotional Video Song ‘Bhajare Nanda Gopala’ Sung By Chitra

Feb 28, 2024, 06:00PM ISTSource: YouTubeListen to the devotional song 'Bhajare Nanda Gopala' online sung by Chitra. The music of Bhajare Nanda Gopala composed...
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From AI to creator community: YouTube CEO’s letter on four things the company is betting on next year

YouTube has been a go-to platform to explore video content. Recently, the company announced that YouTube Music and Premium reached 100 million subscribers and

YouTube TV

nowhas more than 8 million. Building on this, its CEO

Neal Mohan

has shared four things that the video service is focusing on in 2024.
More AI experiments coming to YouTube
Mohan said that the company will bring AI tools to all creators “that will push the boundaries of creative expression.” The company recently announced new AI experiments, such as Dream Screen that allows people to make AI-generated backgrounds for YouTube


, Music AI Incubator and Dream Track for AI in music in collaboration with partners.

He said that Shorts is averaging over 70 billion daily views, and the number of channels uploading Shorts has grown 50% year-over-year.

“This year, we’ll continue to ensure AI is in service of creativity through our work with creative industries, in the rollout of AI-powered features, and as we unlock opportunities while building out appropriate protections,”


Multiple ways to make money on YouTube
Mohan said that the company will help creators diversify the ways they make money on YouTube. According to Mohan, the number of creators using memberships increased more than 50% last year

“We’re investing in ways creators earn money while helping viewers shop for products. And viewers are directly supporting their favourite creators through fan funding features like channel memberships,” he said. The company is also working to support creators through programs like the Creator Collective.
Increase YouTube subscriptions
Viewers globally watch more than 1 billion hours on average of YouTube content on their TVs every day, Mohan said.
“We’re bringing everything viewers love about YouTube to the living room experience. And that includes sports. We just wrapped our first season of NFL Sunday Ticket, and it really shows the future of YouTube,” Mohan added. He announced that YouTube has more than 8 million subscribers to YouTube TV.

Safe and quality content on YouTube
As per the executive, YouTube wants to give viewers and advertisers confidence to deliver high quality content, and create a healthy online experience for kids.
“Our youth products reach more than 100 million active viewers every month, and we’re supporting the growth of kids and teens thoughtfully and in coordination with parenting and mental health experts,” he said.
He touched upon the delivery of quality content during election year. “We’re ensuring that when people look for election news on YouTube, authoritative sources are prominent in their searches and recommendations,” Mohan added.

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