Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Starfish | Song – Fanaa Kar Lo (Lyrical)

Nov 29, 2023, 11:00PM ISTSource: YouTubeWatch the song 'Fanaa Kar Lo' from Hindi movie 'Starfish' starring Khushalii Kumar & Ehan Bhat. 'Fanaa Kar Lo'...
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G-DRAGON gets support from brother-in-law

On November 14th,


Min-joon, the brother-in-law of global K-pop icon


, took to his Instagram account to publicly express support for the artist amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding drug allegations. According to Kbizoom, he posted a photo adorned with the text “G-DRAGON Guardians Of Daisy”.

Kim Min-joon

joined the team of fans who have been employing this particular photo filter as a visible demonstration of solidarity with the embattled musician.

This unique campaign, initiated by G-Dragon’s fervent fanbase, incorporates the fashion brand logo and a symbolic daisy flower that holds personal significance to G-Dragon. The filter has become a powerful tool for supporters, offering a visual means of rallying behind the artist during a challenging period marked by drug-related accusations.
The controversy intensified when G-Dragon’s older sister, Kwon Da-mi, also took to

social media

to express her frustration and discontent regarding the perceived injustice surrounding her younger brother’s legal situation. In a pointed statement, Kwon Da-mi voiced her displeasure, stating, “I’m really trying to hold it in XX. Seriously, that’s enough,


. You are writing a whole novel”. She utilized the same filter to underscore her solidarity with G-Dragon and convey her support in the face of the ongoing scrutiny.
Kim Min-joon’s public display of support further amplifies the rallying cry for G-Dragon, gaining traction and garnering encouragement from numerous netizens. The collective response on social media reflects a unified front standing behind the artist during a challenging chapter in his career.

G-Dragon has vehemently denied all allegations, asserting, “I didn’t take drugs. Reports on the violation of the Narcotics Control Act by the media have nothing to do with me. However, as I know that many people are worried and concerned by the incident, I will actively and faithfully cooperate with the police investigation”.

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