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Stock market today: BSE Sensex near 80,000; Nifty50 above 24,350

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Google Gemini now offers four ways to tune responses: How to use

Google Gemini AI chatbot

recently got an update that allows users to fine-tune the responses generated after text prompts as per their liking. According to the tech giant, this provides users more control over the replies by the chatbot.
“We’re launching a more precise way for you to tune Gemini’s responses. Starting in English in the


web app, just select the portion of text you want to change, give Gemini some instruction, and get an output that’s closer to what you are looking for,” the company said.

This means that users can modify the response on a minute level, saving the time it takes the chatbot to generate a full response. Gemini will regenerate the highlighted part on the basis of user prompt and the previously generated answer will remain the same.
“We want to give you more control over your creative process by letting you iterate on content and ideas in the context of the original response,” Google said.

How to use new modifying tools
Punch in a query for the chatbot to generate an answer and it will provide three drafts. Select one draft that you like the most. If you need to fine-tune certain parts in the text, select that particular part and click on the circular button with a wand that appears as soon as the text is highlighted.
Click on it, and you will be offered four options to choose from – Regenerate, Shorter, Longer and Remove.

If you choose ‘Regenerate’, the chatbot will rewrite the highlighted part. Similarly, ‘Shorter’ and ‘Longer’ will make the selected text compact and explain it, respectively. Users can use the ‘Remove’ button to delete the selected text.
There will be a small ‘Modify with a prompt’ text box that can be used to provide specific queries related to the selected text. There is always an option to regenerate the whole text. There may be times when users may get a ‘Gemini couldn’t do that’ reply to some prompts.