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Google says Gemini AI model will not work on Pixel 8, here’s why


has confirmed that the

Gemini Nano

model that powers the AI chatbot on Google

Pixel 8 Pro


Samsung Galaxy S24 series

won’t be coming to its latest

Pixel 8

During the Q&A portion of The Android Show, a Google engineer who is a part of the Android generative AI team said that “Gemini Nano will not be coming to Pixel 8 because of some hardware limitations.”
This means that older smartphone models may also not get this

AI model


Notably, the more expensive Pixel 8 Pro has already got Gemini Nano capabilities.
The Google engineer explains the limitations of Pixel 8 in this video. (Cue: 42.59 minutes).

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What is Gemini Nano and why Pixel 8 won’t support it

Gemini Nano is a mobile-friendly version of Google’s new AI model. Initially, this model was launched on the Pixel 8 Pro and Samsung S24 series to offer AI capabilities.

The reason for Pixel 8 not supporting Gemini Nano lies in its

RAM capacity

. The vanilla model comes with 8GB RAM, while the Pro model packs 12GB of RAM. This is crucial for running Gemini Nano.
However, the engineer mentioned that Google is “working to bring Nano to more devices,” more “high-end devices in the near future.”

This development also coincides with MediaTek Dimensity 8300 and 9300 chipsets’ optimisation for Gemini Nano. This hints that chatbot may be integrated into mid-range non-Google devices as well.
At a technical level, the Pixel 8 may be able to run Gemini Nano. The smartphone’s RAM capacity is similar to the entry-level Galaxy S24 that supports on-device Magic Compose in Google Messages. However, Google believes that integrating such an intensive model in Pixel 8 can negatively impact the overall user experience.
The Pixel 8 Pro currently offers AI features that are powered by Gemini Nano. This includes the summarise tool in the Recorder app, Smart Reply in Gboard, Video Boost, Night Sight in Timelapse mode, enhanced portrait light and improved Photo Unblur.
While this exclusivity sets Pro models apart, the upcoming vanilla Pixel 9 is expected to feature a more powerful chipset that may support Gemini Nano.