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Google’s new ‘wholly-own built’ office has an ‘internet problem’


has been boasting about the various innovations in the first-ever building which was completely designed and built by the company. The tech giant has also moved workers in this building to focus on its highest-profile project — generative artificial intelligence (


). However, some people have complained that it would’ve been better if there was decent


connectivity among these innovations.

According to a report by the news agency Reuters, six people familiar with the matter have claimed that Google’s “Bay View” building which is its headquarters and is located on the Alphabet unit’s

Mountain View



, US has been plagued for months by inadequate



What workers said about the building’s internet connectivity

The report claims that the building’s recliner-laden collaborative workspaces have not been working well for teams who move around with their laptops. As per the report, workers have to plug into ethernet cables at their desks to get consistent internet service. Some employees even have their phones as hotspots to work efficiently.

One of the AI engineers assigned to the building claimed that the Wi-Fi has been no help for Google pushing a three day per week return-to-office mandate.
The report claims that like others, he spoke on the condition of anonymity as Google has not authorised them to talk about work conditions.
He said: “You’d think the world’s leading internet company would have worked this out.”
This building also houses members of the advertising team. The workers also complained that managers have encouraged them to stroll outside or sit at the adjoining cafe where the Wi-Fi signal is stronger. Some were issued new laptops recently with more powerful Wi-Fi chips.

Inside the building, Google employees develop the latest versions of the advanced artificial intelligence software known as


. The chatbot also appeared cautiously optimistic when asked about if the campus has ample Wi-Fi.
The software replied: “It is highly likely that the Bay View campus has Wi-Fi. As the headquarters of a major tech company, Google, it would be surprising if it did not.”

What Google said about its campus

A Google spokeswoman has also acknowledged “we’ve had Wi-Fi connectivity issues in Bay View.” She said Google “made several improvements to address the issue,” and the company is expected to fix the issue in coming weeks.
The company has not publicly disclosed the reasons for the Wi-Fi problems yet. However, workers claim that the 600,000-square-foot building’s “wave-like rooftop swallows broadband like the Bermuda Triangle.”
Earlier, Google also promoted the new building and its surrounding campus in a 229-page book. This book highlights the campus’ cutting-edge features, including “Googley interiors” and “an environment where everyone has the tools they need to be successful.”