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Government announces India AI mission: What it is and more

To boost

AI innovation

and put India at the forefront of AI innovations, the Union Cabinet has approved Rs 10,371.92 crore investment for the national-level

India Artificial Intelligence

(AI) mission. This aligns with the vision of ‘Making AI in India’ and ‘

Making AI Work for India

’ by establishing a comprehensive ecosystem.
Under this vision, India will catalyse AI innovation through strategic programs and partnerships across the public and private sectors, as per a report by news agency ANI.

India AI mission implementation, development and other details
The India AI mission will be implemented by the Independent Business Division (IBD) under the

Digital India Corporation

(DIC). The components of the mission include

IndiaAI Compute Capacity


IndiaAI Innovation Centre

, IndiaAI Datasets Platform, IndiaAI Application Development Initiative, IndiaAI FutureSkills, IndiaAI Startup Financing, and Safe & Trusted AI.

Union commerce and industry minister

Piyush Goyal

said that India’s AI mission framework has been developed with a comprehensive approach to create an AI ecosystem and the vision includes scaling up AI adoption, providing wider opportunities for innovators and also fostering skill development in this field.
“Over 10,000 Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) will be procured in the public-private partnership to aid a computing system for a high-end Al ecosystem, which will also be conducive to the design of an Al marketplace,” Goyal added.

India AI mission to build LMMs
As per the report, IndiaAI Innovation Centre is also set to start the development of and deployments of indigenous Large Multimodal Models (LMMs) and domain-specific foundational models in critical sectors.
The IndiaAI Datasets Platform will streamline access to quality non-personal datasets for AI innovation for startups and researchers.
Additionally, the India AI Application Development Initiative will promote AI applications in critical sectors, addressing problem statements sourced from central ministries, state departments and other institutions with focus on developing, scaling and promoting adoption of AI solutions across different secrors and catalysing large-scale socio-economic transformation.