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How handwriting reveals one’s personality traits

01/9An introduction to handwriting through Graphology

“The bigger circle you make at the end of a small g or whether your signature is twisted has a big impact on one’s life. Yes, one can learn about 5000 characteristics of a person through graphology. One of the most demanding and unique concepts, Graphology can help you recognize your personality and everything,” says Mahi Kashyap, CEO & Founder of Vedic Meet – A Problem Solving App. In this article he writes about some interesting facts about Graphology and how it reveals one’s personality.

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02/9What is Graphology?

Graphology is handwriting analysis that shows the connection between an individual’s handwriting and personality traits. It includes loops, pressure, lines, spacing, and signature types, and, amazingly, many secrets are hidden in writing. Yes, you can be famous and earn money by being a graphologist. You can also guide people to make improvements in their life and move ahead. Let’s scroll down to know more.

Some parameters in handwriting for revealing the personality traits:

Well, graphology is one of the modern techniques that help in telling about an individual and also recognizing the personality traits of an individual. Let us see how :



When it comes to handwriting analysis, the font size matters. The overall size of the handwriting can reveal many things about the writer. We all have a habit of writing, which also includes the size of the writing.

1. Large handwriting tells that the individual is an extrovert and has an outgoing personality.

2. Small handwriting indicates that the person is introverted and wants attention.



The slant is how your handwriting leans left, right or vertically, and is seen as a way of emotional expression. Let’s see what different slants show.

1. A rightward slant may suggest sociability and openness,

2. A leftward slant may indicate introversion or reserve,

3. A vertical slant may suggest emotional control.



Many people apply pressure on pen and paper while writing. Do you know what pressure writing means? It is mainly of two types.

1. Heavy pressure shows the writer’s emotional and energy intensity or levels.

2. Light pressure suggests sensitivity and a gentle nature.



Everyone loves spacing, and when it comes to handwriting, most people love spaces in their writing. Many people do it to make their handwriting appear beautiful and good. Spacing is mainly of two types .

1. Wide spacing: independence or a desire for freedom, self-dependent etc.

2. Narrow spacing: preference for closeness or attention to detail.



The base is important in life, and so is the baseline in handwriting. Yes, a good base makes a foundation for more floors, and so does the baseline. It is about stability, confidence and also mood fluctuations. Baselines are of two types.

1. A steady baseline may suggest emotional stability.

2. A fluctuating baseline may indicate mood swings or instability.


08/9Letter forms

The letter forms are an important part of graphology, as people use different shapes and sizes of letters in their handwriting, which can reveal many things about you. There are many types. For example, rounded letters suggest warmth and friendly nature, while single letters show intelligence and awareness.



The use of margin is good as it shows a sense of boundaries, organization, and self-control. Margins are mainly of two types:

1. Wide margin: Need for personal space.

2. Narrow margin: efficiency or desire to maximize size.

So the above parameters are used by a Graphologist to determine the various personality traits of an individual. As mentioned earlier, many characteristics of a person can be revealed through graphology. Practicing it can be good, as it not only makes you famous but also makes you a good guide, counsellor and social worker.


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