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RPF constables thrash driver outside railway station in MP’s Ujjain, video goes viral

Dec 02, 2023, 08:45PM ISTSource: TOI.inA video showing RPF constable thrashing driver outside railway station in MP's Ujjain has gone viral on social media....
HomeTechHow this US city is using Apple AirTags to stop car theft

How this US city is using Apple AirTags to stop car theft

The mayor of a US city is offering residents

Apple AirTags

to reduce car thefts. Mayor

Muriel Bowser

of the city of Washington DC has reportedly launched the program to curb this rampant crime. Residents of car theft-prone neighbourhoods will be getting the


to use Apple’s Find My technology that will help them locate stolen vehicles.
According to a report by DCist, Bowser has also encouraged all residents of


state to consider purchasing their own AirTags, as they typically cost around $30 (nearly Rs 2,500)
How to get a free AirTag in Washington DC
This new program aims to reduce car theft in high-risk areas by distributing free AppleAirTags.

These tracking devices will be given out at three events. Residents need to provide proof of address that comes under an eligible police service area.

During the distribution events, the city’s police force will help residents install and register the tags on their phones, the report notes. As per the report, the AirTag’s location will not be accessible to the police. Instead, in the event of a car theft, the residents will have to share the information from Find My with law enforcement.
However, the acting police chief,

Pamela Smith

, did not reveal the number of AirTags that will be distributed, the report added.

The inspiration for this program came from New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who led a similar initiative earlier this year. Adams distributed 500 AirTags, which effectively helped in locating stolen vehicles.
The report adds that motor vehicle theft has surged in the city by 101%. As of November 1, Washington DC recorded over 5,800 motor vehicle thefts. This prompted the officials to introduce these unique anti-theft measures to combat the issue.
How AirTags can help car theft victims
AirTags may not prevent car thefts, but these devices can help increase the chances of solving cases and apprehending repeat offenders involved in such criminal activities. Apple’s tracking devices have been used in multiple US cities, but not all law enforcement teams don’t agree that this is the best possible solution.
Law enforcement in San Antonio has even been advising against using AirTags to track stolen vehicles. With these devices, victims may be tempted to confront thieves at their location, and this may result in dangerous situations.

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