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How to keep bread soft and fresh for longer

From breakfast to dinner, bread is our all-time savior to deal with hunger pangs. And that’s the reason every Indian household has a packet of bread (brown or white) in its fridge. But the most common problem that many of us face is with its storage. In no time, the bread turns out to be dry and hard and loses all its moisture. Well, if you can identify with this issue, then you are at the right place to find a solution.

Scroll down to read simple kitchen hacks to keep bread soft and fresh for longer at home.
Wrap it in aluminum foil: It is suggested to wrap bread in aluminum foil to keep it fresh and soft. Be careful while wrapping to avoid any breakage and to protect it from direct air, which causes staleness. Place the loaf in a paper bag or bread box for short-term storage.

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Use plastic wrap: If you avoid using aluminum foil, you may use plastic wrap. Simply wrap them in a couple of sheets of plastic wrap, overlapping them slightly to keep air out. This will keep the bread soft and fresh for a long .

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Use a bread bag: You may also invest in a bread bag. Bread bags can keep loaves fresh for the first couple of days after baking.
Use a paper bag: You may also use a regular paper bag to store bread. Place the crusty bread in the paper bag and store it inside your bread box.

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Refrigeration: It is always suggested to refrigerate the bread in its original packaging, as it helps prevent moisture loss.
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Wrap in cloth:

As per experts, multi-grain breads can be preserved in clean cotton cloth. All you need to do is wrap the bread in a clean cotton cloth and then place it in a bread box. This helps maintain the moisture levels and prevents them from drying.

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Uses of hard bread: We are humans and might fail with hacks. In case your bread turns out to be hard and stale even after using any of the hacks, then such breads can be easily converted into breadcrumbs, bread croutons, or you may use them to make French toast.
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