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How to take care of Tulsi plant at home

​Growing a healthy Tulsi plant

Tulsi, or Holy Basil as many know it, is one of the most sacred plants for Hindus all over the world. It is worshipped in many households and a well-maintained Tulsi plant is an indicator of growth in many families. Here we list a few tips to take care of the plant.


​Select the sunny spot

When planting the Tulsi plant, make sure to pick a sunny spot in your balcony or home garden as it grows well in full sunlight. Also make sure that the soil does not waterlog as it can spoil the growth.


When to water?

The Tulsi plant prefers a moist soil to grow but don’t overwater it as that might rot the roots and stem easily. Water the plant when the topsoil feels dry to the touch and if it is in a sunny spot, water more frequently.


​Plucking the leaves

While Tulsi leaves are considered holy and people don’t prefer plucking them, to encourage good growth, it is important to prune them a bit. Regularly prune the plant to promote its dense growth and avoid dead leaves.


Additions to the plant

When watering your Tulsi plant, once or twice a week try to spray the leaves and stems with rice water or banana peels infused water. These contain additional nutrients that can help in plant growth.


Mulch well

To prevent overdrying of the soil and plant, apply a layer of organic mulch around the base of the plant to conserve moisture, keep away any weeds, and regulate soil temperature.


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Keep pests away

Keep an eye out for pests which can ruin your plant from the inside. Flies, earthworms, caterpillars and small snails too can invade the soil and eat your plant from the inside resulting in decay.


Harvesting the leaves

Harvest tulsi leaves regularly, especially the young ones at the top. This not only provides you with fresh leaves for consumption but also encourages the plant to produce more leaves. But, make sure to not pinch off the whole stem.


Should you keep the flowers?

If you should let the flowers grow or not is upto your intention. If you want to grow more Tulsi plants, keep the flowers and seeds but if you only want the leaves then keep pinching off the flowers to redirect the plant’s energy towards leaf production.


Re-pot if needed

As the tulsi plant grows, consider repotting it into a larger container every 1-2 years. This provides more space for root development and ensures the plant’s overall health. Also consider repotting if the soil looks dried out or pest infested.


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