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HomeLifestyleIn pics: Ambani's old, regal home in Chorwad

In pics: Ambani’s old, regal home in Chorwad

Mar 9, 2024

Aakanksha Sharma

A legacy house in Chorwad

When talking about the Ambani’s and their grand residence, the first word that comes to mind is their grand Antilia, in Mumbai. But, not many know that they have another ancestral home in Jamnagar, that is also a tribute to Dhirubhai Ambani.


A plaque towards the house

This ancestral home of the Ambani’s is in Chorwad, Junagadh and has now been converted into Dhirubhai Ambani Memorial with his trademark pose pictures around the house.


Beautiful and regal

Turning away the mis-match of different colours, a majority part of the house has been painted in simple white colours but the beautiful furniture inside makes up for the plain looking exteriors.


Lush green surroundings

The ancestral home, now Dhirubhai Ambani Memorial, has lush green surroundings, both outside and inside. The borders of the house are well-maintained with nicely kept shrubs and the plants inside are blooming well.


Two-storey mansion

The house, which was earlier just a few rooms, is now a two-storey mansion with traditional architecture and style. Many interiors are also traditional Gujarati style.


Memorial inaugurated in 2011

The Dhirubhai Ambani Memorial was inaugurated in 2011 where the whole family came together and the rituals were taken care of by Rameshbhai Oza, the family’s spiritual guru.


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The old name

According to the memorial’s website, the house was earlier known by another name. The website mentions, “It was a place earlier known as ‘Mangarolvalano Delo’ where Dhirubhai spent his childhood days.”


A beautiful house

It is reported that the house is divided into two parts, one for the public and another part is private, meant for family only. But nonetheless, the house is always decorated and maintained well by the Ambani family.


An auditorium inside

In the public part of the ancestral home, there are also many amenities. The house features a library, auditorium and even some classes for school students.


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