Is American cheese really healthy?

01/6​The world of American cheese

When we think of cheese, we often wander to the delicious varieties like paneer, chenna, and khoya, which have graced our Indian cuisine for centuries. However, American cheese, with its unique creamy texture and flavour, has also managed to find its way into our hearts and kitchens. People mostly love it with pastas, pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches. In this article, we find out more about the world of American cheese and understand its essence.


02/6​What is American cheese?

American cheese is distinct in its own way. It is mostly known among people for its characteristic of melting seamlessly and adding an amusing amount of creaminess to dishes. In contrast to traditional Indian cheese, American cheese isn’t aged but rather crafted from a blend of cheeses. The original name given to American cheese is pasteurized processed cheese. This cheese has a mild flavour and smooth texture, and its colour ranges from white to light yellow or orange. It is sold in different sizes and forms, which include solid blocks, shredded cubes, spreads, and singles.


03/6​How is it made?

The process to make American cheese involves combining Cheddar cheese, Colby cheese, Washed curd cheese, Granular cheese. These cheeses are also combined with emulsifiers, preservatives, and stabilizers. This fusion not only provides the cheese with its signature texture but also ensures its shelf life. The final step involves heating and mixing the cheese until it becomes smooth and stretchy and is eventually cut into slices or blocks for easy usage.


04/6​What are its benefits?

The charms of American cheese have not gone unnoticed; let’s find out what the benefits of consuming American cheese are. The most important element on this list would be the high content of calcium present in the cheese, which helps with bone health. Due to the presence of amino acids in dairy products, American cheese also provides a high quality of protein. As this cheese is processed, it has a longer shelf life than other cheeses. Also, the taste and texture of the cheese is often loved by people.


05/6​What are some drawbacks?

However mouthwatering it may look or taste, there are some drawbacks to consuming this cheese. It is suggested to eat only after evaluating all the nutritional elements of the cheese. American cheese has a notable saturated fat content, which may pose challenges to heart health. The presence of additives and preservatives in the cheese might be of concern to individuals who are looking for a more natural diet. The high sodium levels can be a health hazard too.


06/6​What are the healthier alternatives?

There are some other alternatives to American cheese that could be on the healthier side. Mozzarella cheese tends to have a lower saturated fat content and also lends itself beautifully to dishes. Another option could be goat cheese and cottage cheese, which are also lower in fat content.


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