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‘Play your part’: Sonia’s message to voters ahead of Delhi polls

NEW DELHI: Congress chief on Thursday released a video message, two days before the Delhi polls, and emphasized the significance of these elections in...
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Jaya advises Shweta to stop being self-centered

Jaya Bachchan


Shweta Bachchan

, and

Navya Naveli Nanda

were seen discussing the use of the internet in the new generation and how younger individuals are sharing their opinions on everything through

social media

in their recently released episode of ‘What The Hell Navya’. In this episode, Shweta was criticized by her mother, Jaya Bachchan, for interrupting her during the discussion.
During the video, Jaya was interrupted several times by Shweta, which greatly disturbed her.

Jaya was responding to Navya about the internet’s impact on human nature when Shweta took over and began speaking. As she started expressing her perspective, Jaya became agitated and halted her daughter. Jaya wanted Shweta to stop being


and allow others to speak.

Jaya Bachchan finally reveals why she stays away from social media. Find out what she said!

Jaya Bachchan advised Shweta to respect others’ opinions as everyone holds different viewpoints on the same topic. According to Jaya, it is not good to offer opinions on everything. However, Shweta emphasized her belief that voicing opinions is the primary purpose of a podcast, which led Jaya to respond that voicing opinions doesn’t mean one has to focus solely on what they believe is right.
In the same episode, Jaya Bachchan’s statements about anxiety and other

mental health

issues garnered a lot of criticism from netizens.