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Jaya gets slammed for her opinion on anxiety

In the recent episode of the What The Hell Navya podcast,

Jaya Bachchan

talked about how

social media

is making people anxious. She said that too much information online is stressing out teenagers. Jaya also mentioned how young people seek validation through the internet.
As soon as the post appeared online, people quickly responded to it. They criticized Jaya Bachchan for seeming out of touch, and some even compared her to a typical neighbor.

One user mentioned that the mindset reflected by Jaya Bachchan’s comments seemed typical of someone who might be unaware. Another user described the woman’s remarks as disappointing. A third netizen suggested that it would be beneficial for her to be more considerate and avoid appearing out of touch.

Jaya Bachchan finally reveals why she stays away from social media. Find out what she said!

When Navya asked whether the older generation’s limited use of the internet contributed to their lower stress levels, Jaya affirmed, “Definitely.” In response to Navya’s assertion that she didn’t feel stressed, Jaya countered, “You may not recognize it, but you are. We never heard of anxiety attacks when we were young, not even in our middle age. Where does this come from? It arises from the constant influx of information. The pressure to compare oneself, to scrutinize appearances, to observe trends in beauty and fashion – all of this contributes to anxiety. It’s the result of an overload of information.”

Jaya Bachchan, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, maintains a distance from social media platforms. She has had numerous conflicts with paparazzi in the past. In the same episode, she disclosed her reasoning behind abstaining from social media, stating, “There’s already enough information about us out there. We don’t feel the need to share on Instagram.”