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Jennifer Lopez wishes to work with Dev Patel

Jennifer Lopez

, a prominent figure in Hollywood, revealed her admiration for actor

Dev Patel

, expressing her fondness for his work and enjoyment of his films. JLo gushed over the actor during discussions about her forthcoming sci-fi thriller, ‘


,’ showcasing her admiration for Patel’s talent and contributions to cinema.
During an exclusive conversation, we inquired about Lopez’s favorite Indian actor.

She enthusiastically mentioned Dev Patel and expressed interest in collaborating with him on a film. Lopez praised Patel’s work, describing him as emotionally resonant and authentic. She admired his ability to captivate audiences with his compelling performances.

While fans anticipate a potential collaboration between Lopez and Patel, the 54-year-old actor-singer is presently engaged in promoting ‘Atlas.’ In the sci-fi thriller, she portrays the lead character,

Atlas Shepherd

, a data analyst. Lopez has creatively used hairstyles to symbolize her character’s personal journey throughout the film.

Monkey Man – Official Trailer

In discussing her character’s transformation, Lopez highlighted the significance of her hairstyles in the film. Referring to a particular line where a character recalls her messy hair as a child, Lopez interpreted it as a reflection of her character’s inner turmoil and lack of self-care. As the story progresses and she achieves her goals, her hair becomes a metaphor for her personal growth, symbolizing her newfound strength, confidence, and self-assurance.
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