Thursday, May 23, 2024

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‘Play your part’: Sonia’s message to voters ahead of Delhi polls

NEW DELHI: Congress chief on Thursday released a video message, two days before the Delhi polls, and emphasized the significance of these elections in...
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John Cena cracks up the internet

John Cena

took over the


stage to present the Best


trophy and ironically, he didn’t have a costume, covering his modesty with just an envelope which contained the name of the winner. The actor and wrestler made a strong case for costume designers and brought all the attention to the hard work they put into the details. An important point was proved but the internet couldn’t get over the bold act of John Cena.

Netizens were shocked and surprised over his stage appearance and the moment soon went


on the internet.

Soon after the nominees were announced, a momentary dimming of light took place at the Dolby Theatre, giving John Cena ample time to cover up. A team quickly came in and clothed John Cena in a Greek God like attire, with

Jimmy Kimmel

providing the finishing touches..