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Karan-Rajveer Deol spill the beans on Sunny

The latest episode of Karan Johar’s chat show Koffee with


gave an opportunity to Karan Deol and

Rajveer Deol

to share heartfelt messages for their dad Sunny Deol. Rajveer, who was recently seen in Rajshri Productions film Dono said, “Even three years ago, with this height, and me being a man, he would put me on his lap and do the most kiddiest thing, like I’m a young boy, and I am emasculated, within seconds.

But what can you say? That’s Sunny Deol.”
He even remembered an incident from his childhood, “I remember once me and my brother were playing football in our parents’ room. I must have been five or six, and we broke an ornament. He entered, and he saw that thing broken. He picked it up, and it was marble, and he crushed it in his hand like it was nothing. And I literally p****d myself. Literally.”

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He added, “Mom would say, ‘Sunny!’ And I’d eat all my broccoli, all my vegetables; I’d eat the plate also.”
Karan shared that luckily he never had to face his dad’s famous dhai kilo ka haath. He shared, “Fortunately, the dhai kilo ka haath has never fallen on me, but I’ve got yelled at. And the stern, cold look is as good as the hand, because it sends shivers down your spine.”
Karan also revealed a not so known fact about his father, that he’s a collector of teddy bears. He said, “He buys teddy bears also. To see Sunny Deol buying teddy bears and keep them in his room… Once someone asked me, ‘Is that yours?’ I said no, it’s my dad’s. And they just looked at me. They had no response.”

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