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Kareena Kapoor comes clean on feud with Ameesha

Kareena Kapoor Khan

and Alia Bhatt appeared together on ‘Koffee With Karan 8’. The actresses made their first joint appearance on the show, although, they’ve been regular on every season. However, it was a treat for fans to see them together on the couch. While the actresses opened up on their respective marriages and their kids, Karan also asked them about their careers.
Amidst the fun conversation, Karan questioned Kareena about why she wasn’t present at the ‘

Gadar 2

‘ success bash.

He pointed out that Kareena doesn’t attend Bollywood parties and said, “You were not even there at the Gadar party. Why didn’t you attend the party?” Kareena laughed and said that she wasn’t in town. Karan further probed and asked Bebo if she missed the party because of her history with

Ameesha Patel

Kareena responded very smartly, and said, “The only history I know is her movie has created history.” Karan gave that answer slow claps and kept probing further. “But you were meant to do Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai’ and she has gone on record saying that, ‘Thank You Kareena, you made me do it.”
For those not in know, Kareena was supposed to make her debut with Hrithik Roshan in this Rakesh Roshan directorial. However, Ameesha was brought in later when Kareena backed out of the project. Kareena responded to that and said, “I think films are destiny. Everyone went on to do their best…” Karan however, continued to ask her about the party and Bebo asked him in return, ‘Did you attend the party?” Karan said yes and she trolled him by saying, “Aap toh har party mein jaate ho.”

That left Alia in splits who said, “She’s trolling you.” When kept asking her, she said, “I already told you I was not in town.” Karan was quick to question again and say, “You were very much in town.” Kareena cut him off by saying, “Are you a troll?”
Later, KJo asked Kareena if she congratulated Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and the ‘Gadar 2’ team for the film’s success. The actress responded, “No, but I would like to congratulate them now on your show. I really want to see the film.”

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