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Kashyap on mending relationship with Aaliyah

Anurag Kashyap

is opening up about his


with his

daughter Aaliyah

, like never before. The filmmaker divulged that he even sought professional help to ‘improve’ his relationship with his only child.
While talking at an event in Kolkata, Kashyap described his rapport with his daughter as ‘very difficult and very easy’. Admitting his fault of focusing on work over his daughter, he said, “It is very difficult and very easy.

I have not spent as much time with my daughter as I should have, because at the time, my entire focus was on cinema. I was very passionate.”
Opening up about the lessons he learnt the hard way, he shared, “The more you grow in life, you realise that the most valuable thing is to spend time with family, keep your good friends close, learn to be happy.”
The filmmaker stated that his passion for cinema and his long hours on the film sets often kept him away from Aaliyah. Looking back at his relationship with his daughter, he further divulged that went to a

child psychologist

to help him improve his relationship with his daughter. Revealing the outcome of his sessions, he shared, “We didn’t fight, but we were trying to understand each other better.”

He even opened up about learning to accept the changes in time and to accept the differences in his life and his daughter’s. “They told me that the world has changed,” he shared and explained, “Calling on the landline… If I tell my daughter that when I was young, I had to get on to a line to call her mother, she won’t understand that.”

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Aaliyah is Anurag’s daughter with his first wife Aarti Bajaj, who is a film editor. The two parted ways in 2009, after which, he went on to marry actress Kalki Koechlin. His second marriage also ended in a divorce in 2015. Despite parting ways, Kashyap is known to maintain a friendly relationship with the two and has timely reunions with his exes.

Meanwhile, Aaliyah, 23, is engaged to her long-time boyfriend Shane Gregoire. The hunk poped the question in 2023 while on a holiday in Bali. They are still to tie the knot in a formal wedding ceremony.