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Kirron buys a swanky new luxury car worth Rs 1.65 cr

Kirron Kher

is undoubtedly one of the most loved, respected and talented actresses we have in Bollywood. The actress recently grabbed eyeballs after she brought home a brand new

luxury car

The official


account of a Mumbai car showroom posted a photo featuring the actress-turned-politician alongside her latest lavish acquisition. Kirron was captured donning an all-black ensemble, sporting an oversized sweatshirt, tights, and boots, her radiant smile reflecting her joy over her new wheels.
Check out the photo here:


Reportedly, the luxury car she purchased comes with a price tag of approximately Rs 1.65 crore.

During an interview with Siddharth Kanan, Sikander confessed that when he was born, his mother Kirron was a prominent actress in the industry. He revealed that she chose not to continue her acting career so she could be with her son. And then when he was old enough, she started.

Anil Kapoor touches Kirron Kher’s feet in viral pic

Sikander also shared insights into his mother’s guidance as he ventured into his own acting journey. He recounted how his mother offered him words of encouragement at the outset of his career, affirming his talent and capability as an actor.

Expanding on his reliance on his mother’s honest feedback, Sikander mentioned that he values her opinions above all else. He explained that while he may have faced doubts from others, nobody openly criticized his success. He expressed gratitude for the supportive environment he encountered, where people were consistently encouraging. Despite receiving praise from others, Sikander admitted he struggled to fully believe in it. Instead, he placed his trust solely in his mother’s assessments, appreciating her sincerity. Recalling a touching moment, he recounted how his mother once reassured him of his acting abilities, emphasizing that with dedication and hard work, he could excel in the field. He fondly remembered her words, affirming that her unwavering belief in him meant everything.