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LEAKED! Taapsee Pannu and Mathias Boe’s wedding video goes viral; netizens exclaim, ‘Dulha cycle par aaya tha?’

Apr 03, 2024, 05:51PM ISTSource:

The first video of Taapsee Pannu and Mathias Boe’s wedding has surfaced online. The clip showcases Taapsee’s bridal entry and the varmala ceremony, with Taapsee adorned in a red suit and heavy jewelry walking towards Mathias, who is dressed in a sherwani. Accompanied by her sister and friends, Taapsee walks down the aisle, with Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh’s song ‘Kothe Te Aa Mahiya’ playing during the procession. The couple is seen dancing, hugging, and kissing after the varmala ceremony. The video was uploaded on the social media site Reddit and quickly went viral, with netizens leaving comments like, ‘Dulha cycle par aaya tha?’ However, Taapsee and Mathias are yet to officially confirm their marriage. Reports suggest the intimate wedding took place in Udaipur on March 23rd.