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‘Let Them Theory’ can help you take charge of life

Are you often affected by what people say or do? Do you depend on other people’s reactions or decisions, rather than living your life to the fullest? Then this one simple theory can help change your life for the better.
Called the ‘

Let Them Theory

‘, Mel Robbins, an author and motivational speaker, explained it in a short video a few months back and since then it has amassed many views on social media.

Explaining it,

Mel Robbins

says in the video, “The fastest way to

take control of your life

is to

stop controlling

everyone around you.” So what exactly is the ‘Let Them Theory’? Read on to know more.
‘Let Them Theory’
Explaining it in, Mel Robbins said in an Instagram post, “I just heard about this thing called the “Let Them Theory” and holy crap… I absolutely LOVE this!!!! Stop wasting energy on trying to get other people to meet YOUR expectations. Just LET THEM show you who they truly are. And then YOU get to choose what you do next.”

The idea is that instead of us waiting for others to conform and do what we expect them to, one can take the stress off a situation by doing nothing at all. Instead, take a step back and let people do what they wish. This will show us their true intention. And also, save us a lot of stress. We can then take charge of the situation by analysing others’ behaviour and choosing how to respond to it. This also shows that while we can’t control other people’s reactions or decisions, we surely can control how we respond to stressful or tricky situations– thus being true to ourselves and living our lives to the fullest.

While the video was posted almost 10 months back, it has since then gained widespread attention by many people on social media. Many people resonated with Mel Robbins’ views and agreed with her. One user said, “I discovered this for myself last week (so timely) and I was surprised at how free I felt”, meanwhile another user wrote, “I being doing this for years!”
Do you agree with Mel Robbins’ thoughts? Tell us in the comments below.

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