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Malaika: I was ‘ridiculed’ after divorce from Arbaaz

Malaika Arora

, who married

Arbaaz Khan

at the age of 25, separated from him after 19 years of marriage. The actress recently opened up about how she was ridiculed for her divorce.
In an interview with Pinkvilla, Malaika revealed the rationale behind her decision to marry at 25, despite not facing any familial pressure. While she wasn’t brought up in an environment that dictated a specific age for marriage, she was encouraged to live her life to the fullest, explore different relationships, and enjoy herself.

However, despite this freedom, she felt a personal desire to marry around the age of 22 or 23. It wasn’t something imposed on her, but rather a decision she made based on what she felt was the best option for her at that particular moment in her life.

Malaika acknowledged that after years of marriage, she came to the realization that it wasn’t what she truly desired. However, she faced questioning and ridicule when she made the decision to separate from Arbaaz. Despite this, she felt compelled to prioritize her personal growth and happiness, recognizing that she needed to feel content within herself to ensure her child’s well-being and growth. Malaika emphasized that while society often stigmatizes divorce, she needed to prioritize her own happiness in order to foster a positive environment for those around her, emphasizing the importance of personal fulfillment as a foundation for happiness.

‘Benchmark set kara hai…’: Arbaaz Khan reacts to trolls over his second marriage at 56

The 50-year-old actor also shared an incident involving the paparazzi, where a publication commented on the cost of her outfit in a particularly nasty manner. They insinuated that she could afford such expensive attire due to the alimony she received, which left her shocked and appalled. Malaika expressed her disbelief at the notion that one’s financial status or past decisions should dictate their worth or the level of respect they receive.